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Float like a butterfly/
Sting like a bee

What does it mean to have a film festival in these times? We’ll admit at this point -- after ten years, putting together this festival -- scrambling, scurrying and sweating-- has become second nature to us. It is because we are completely convinced that  being able to tell stories from our community-- diverse, different and divisive-- will always be necessary if not essential and important. Seeing the ways that others choose to live their lives or vicariously loving through someone else’s tale of romance for one moment or even navigating life in someone else’s stilettos grants each one of us this much-missed opportunity in our own lives: to empathise. Or
perhaps, it will prompt us to do so every day?

We’ll also admit that in these times: it feels so important to come together. It isn’t just a matter of showing strength, it is to look around and remind ourselves of the things that are worth fighting for. And over the past years of putting together this festival, supported by the local queer community, we’ve come to believe it too: sometimes existing is resistance. As a community, we know this better than anyone: we’re here -- and sometimes, that’s more than enough. We shouldn’t abandon the political for the personal especially in these times. We shouldn’t forget that every freedom has been hard-won. But we didn’t do it alone, we had more than ample help. In these times, we must extend ourselves, see the ways we can participate, unite instead of dividing over issues. And if we can’t do so, also perfectly fine, we must not stop those from our community from having their voices heard on issues that affect us all.

Through films from a hundred years ago to the most recent ones that journey through love, lust and longing, we are reminded that we have existed in all of our splendour since time immemorial -- and isn’t that glorious? We think it is.


Enjoy the eleventh edition of this effort at reminding each one of us -- we aren’t alone, our desires aren’t to be whispered, they are to be amplified, they are to be celebrated!

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